Taekwondo Opportunities

In 2015 Eric Wright with Coach Johnny Birch competed at the first Virtus World Taekwondo Championships in Ecuador and claimed the individual Gold medal for USA. Athletes Without Limits continues to seek talented athletes with intellectual disability to represent the U.S. Team at National and International Taekwondo events.

As the US member of Virtus: World Intellectual Impairment Sport (formerly called Inas) Athletes Without Limits offers opportunities for athletes to compete at the highest levels thanks to a recent collaboration between Virtus and World Taekwondo. Qualified athletes may be able to travel to international competitions with the US delegation. Please review eligibility guidelines and contact us if you know of any athletes who may be interested.

AAU Taekwondo and Athletes Without Limits are teaming up to bring the best U.S. TKD players with intellectual impairment to Virtus International competition! The Athletes Without Limits U.S. Taekwondo team has competed around the world, from Australia to Ecuador, in the biggest Poomsae competitions run by Virtus and World Taekwondo. U.S. Athletes have brought home medals and world championships while proudly representing the USA.
(Visit the Athletes Without Limits table at the July 2021 AAU Taekwondo Nationals in Las Vegas)

2022 Virtus Americas LogoUPCOMING EVENTS
2022 Virtus Americas Regional Championships (Brazil)
2023 Virtus Global Games (France)

PAST EVENTS (Partial List)
2019 Virtus (formerly Inas) Global Games (Autstralia)
2018 Pam Am Open Taekwondo Championships (Spokane, WA)
2017 World Para Taekwondo Championships (London)
2017 U.S. Open Para Taekwondo
GG Banner Small2017 PanAm Games (Costa Rica)
2016 U.S. Open Para Taekwondo (Reno, Nevada)
2016 Virtus (formerly Inas) World Para-Taekwondo Championships
2015 Virtus/Inas Global Games (Ecuador)
2015 Virtus/Inas World Para-Taekwondo Championships (Turkey)


U.S. Eligibility Application

Competition Groups offered at Virtus Events:
Virtus II1- Intellectual Disability (IQ of 75 or lower)
Virtus II2- Intellectual Disability with Additional Impairment (e.g. Down Syndrome, CP)
Virtus II3- Autism+ (IQ of 76 or higher)

Para P20 Class at USA & World Taekwondo Events:
II1 and II2 athletes with IQ of 75 or lower are eligible for P20 Class
II3 athletes are not eligible for the P20 class


Johnny Birch

Athletes Without Limits Taekwondo National Director
Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Following a successful career on the Army Taekwondo Team, Sabumnim Johnny L. Birch Jr founded the Carlisle Taekwondo & Fitness Academy, LLC in 2011. The Academy’s mission is to provide world-class Taekwondo instruction for individuals and families at an affordable cost, while striving to produce national level athletes to represent Pennsylvania on the national and international stage. Sabumnim Birch is a Certified Instructor in accordance with the National Safe Sports Act of 2014.

Taekwondo career highlights include:
4th Dan Kukkiwon Black Belt
4th Dan MooDukKwan Black Belt
4th Dan Sport Taekwondo Associates
1st Dan World Martial Arts Federation

Athletes Without Limits

U.S. Head of Delegation at Events
U.S. Eligibility Director
Bend, Oregon

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Athletes Without Limits
Co-Founder & President

Member of Virtus International
Executive Governing Board
Bend, Oregon
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