US Master List of Tennis Players with Intellectual Impairment

The following athletes are eligible to compete in Athletes Without Limits (National Level) and Virtus (International Level) competitions.
*Paralympic Tennis is not currently a sport open to athletes with Intellectual Impairment at the Paralympic Games.
CountrySportLast NameFirst NameSexVirtus GroupVirtus LevelVirtus International #
USATennisBakerGrantMII2 - Additional Impairment / Down SyndromeVirtus International1801-T-0002-II2
USATennisBetrosStevenMII2 - Additional Impairment / Down SyndromeVirtus International1801-T-0001-II2
USATennisDiachenkoKaraFII1 - Intellectual DisabilityVirtus International1401-T-0091
USATennisFriedJonathanMII1 - Intellectual DisabilityVirtus International1401-T-0087
USATennisHaddenBenjaminMII1 - Intellectual DisabilityVirtus International1201-T-0069
USATennisHunsuckerJustinMII1 - Intellectual DisabilityVirtus International1601-T-0112
USATennisKnepperNathanMII1 - Intellectual DisabilityVirtus International1601-T-0113
USATennisMantorMatthewMII1 - Intellectual DisabilityVirtus International1401-T-0094
USATennisRichardsKatherineFII1 - Intellectual DisabilityVirtus International1301-T-0079
USATennisSmithRyanMII1 - Intellectual DisabilityVirtus International1401-T-0092
USATennisTagliareniBrittanyFII1 - Intellectual DisabilityVirtus International1301-T-0080

If you do not see an athlete’s name on this list please contact us, some athletes with National level are pending or may not yet be posted. All US athletes who’ve completed International Level Virtus Eligibility have been posted.

Note that Virtus was formerly called “Inas” which may not be updated all websites.