While there is no separate category for athletes with an intellectual impairment in triathlon, Athletes Without Limits co-founder Barry Holman has shared his love and knowledge of the sport by training triathlete Sean O’Rourke. Sean is one of the first athletes with an intellectual impairment to compete as a mainstream participant in both Half and Full Ironman Competition. (Read about cycling opportunities for athletes with intellectual impairment and our multi-sport Bend Oregon Skyliners Series on our Cycling page).

Have a story of your own to share about an athlete with intellectual impairment competing in Triathlon? We’d love to hear from you! 

Athletes Without Limits Triathletes

Sean O'Rourke

Sean O'Rourke

Triathlete & Ironman
New York
Barry Holman

Barry Holman

Triathlon Coach
Oregon & Florida

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A special thanks to our sponsors who support athletes with an intellectual impairment competing in mainstream triathlon!

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