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SAVE THE DATE: 2024 U.S. Paralympics Swimming Para City World Series

April 11 - April 13

Note that Athletes Without Limits provides Class S14 (Intellectual Impairment) National reviews for U.S. Paralympics for this event, but is not otherwise involved in organizing U.S. Paralympics meets or team trips like we do for Virtus events. Interested athletes should complete eligibility with Athletes Without Limits, but otherwise should register directly for events, and travel with their home team/coach or individually to participate.


Sanctioned by U.S. Paralympic Swimming; World Para Swimming

Competition Dates: April 11-13, 2024

Event Webpage: https://www.usparaswimming.org/competitions

Event Registration Deadlines: March 13, 2024 at 11:59pm MT (For New S14 Swimmers with Intellectual Impairment Eligibility Applications should be submitted to AWL 6-8 weeks prior to the event registration deadline since full Virtus International II1 Eligiblity is required for this event.

Event Requirements (for athletes with intellectual impairment):

  1. US Athletes must have achieved a 2024 Citi Para Swimming World Series USA Minimum Qualification Standard (MQS) at a World Para Swimming Approved, USA Swimming, U.S. Masters, etc. 50m Competition between January 1, 2023 and March 13, 2024.
  2. Beginning in 2023 US Athletes must apply for an IPC Swimming License through US Paralympics to compete in the World Series (which is an International event that follows World Para Swimming rules). *This means athletes with intellectual impairment must have completed full Virtus International Eligibility through Athletes Without Limits in order to enter the World Series even if they still only have National Para Classification.
  3. US Athletes with new National Level Para Classification (and full Virtus International Eligibility) and athletes with new “N” International Classification may only swim in heats and will not progress to finals unless they have achieved an emerging Paralympic Team Time Standard and will be getting International Para Classification at this event. [Confirm these guidelines in the meet packet and with event organizers prior to registering as it’s possible guidelines can change from year to year.]

Meet Packet: Is posted on the event webpage at: https://www.usparaswimming.org/competitions

Registration Link: Is posted on the event webpage at: https://www.usparaswimming.org/competitions
Swimmers should register directly with the event organizers as part of their home team or individually.

Eligibility Criteria: Paralympic meets are open to swimmers with a physical impairment, visual impairment, or intellectual impairment.

New S14 Swimmer Classification Deadline:  Athletes with Intellectual Impairment should complete AWL-Virtus Eligibility Application and submit (along with photoID, IQ and Adaptive Behavior assessments) to Athletes Without Limits at least 6 weeks prior to the World Series registration deadline since full International Virtus Eligiblity is required. AWL will inform U.S. Paralympics of new swimmers who have completed National S14 eligibility so they can be added to the National Para Classification Database and Virtus International Eligiblity so they can apply for an IPC License needed for this event. [Note that National classification ‘appointments’ offered at US Paralympics events are only for athletes with physical or visual impairment as Virtus National eligibility through Athletes Without Limits is the process for athletes with Intellectual Impairment. For high-level swimmers with intellectual impairment, International Para Classification appointments are arranged through U.S. Paralympics at meets that offer them (like the World Series).

Criteria for Intellectual Impairment S14 Class: Athletes with Intellectual Impairment (Autism, Down Syndrome & Intellectual Disability with IQ of 75 or lower) should complete Athletes Without Limits Virtus Eligiblity application instead of a National Classification appointment.

Swimmers who meet the Virtus II1/Paralympic S14 eligibility criteria below are eligible to compete in Paralympic-sanctioned swim meets:

  1. IQ Assessment showing IQ of 75 or lower (on WAIS, WISC or Stanford Binet given within last 5 years)
  2. Adaptive Behavior Assessment showing significant limitation in at least one domain area (on Vineland or ABAS given within last 5 years) and
  3. Onset before age 22

Note: For National Virtus Eligibility older or alternate assessments will be accepted where eligibility is clear.
Note; For Virtus International Eligibility Confirmation (required for the World Series), the assessments must be those listed above given within the last 5 years.)

Special note to swimmers with Autism: Athletes with Autism must have an IQ of 75 or lower to be eligible for Paralympic S14 swimming. This is different from AWL trips to Virtus-sanctioned meets, which offer an additional competition group for those with Autism and an IQ of 76 or higher (called Virtus II3) – so we encourage you to apply for Virtus events!

Special note to swimmers with Down Syndrome: The Paralympic S14 class is only open to athletes who meet the Virtus II1 Criteria for Intellectual Disability, which is based on IQ and Adaptive Scores. This is different from AWL trips to Virtus-sanctioned meets which offer a separate competition group specifically for athletes with Down Syndrome (called Virtus II2). Therefore swimmers with Down Syndrome should apply for dual eligibility in the Virtus II1 group (based on IQ and Adaptive Scores) in order to be classified for Paralympics swimming and the Virtus II2 group (based on Cytogenetic Report showing Down Syndrome) for Virtus events.

Apply for Virtus International II-1/Paralympic Eligibility


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