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SAVE THE DATE: 2024 Track & Field U.S. Paralympic Trials

July 18 - July 21

Note that Athletes Without Limits provides T20 and F20 National Classification reviews for U.S. Paralympics for this event, but is not otherwise involved in organizing U.S. Paralympic Track & Field meets or team trips like we do for Virtus events. Interested athletes should complete eligibility with Athletes Without Limits, but otherwise should register directly for events, and travel with their home team/coach or individually to participate.


Hosted and Sanctioned by U.S. Paralympic Track & Field

Competition Dates: July 18-21, 2024
The event will feature three days of competition, followed by a team naming celebration to announce the athletes who will represent Team USA at the Paralympic Games in Paris.


Event Webpage: https://www.usparatf.org/usparateamtrials-trackandfield

Event Registration Deadlines: will be posted on event webpage

Meet Packet: will be posted on event webpage

Registration Link: will be posted on event webpage – athletes should register directly with the event organizers as part of their home team or individually.

Qualifying Time Standards/Events: Time standards and other pre-qualifications must be met — trials are intended for experienced athletes with full International Virtus II1 Eligibility and IPC Licensing & International Classification. Check the event website for more details.

Note that only select swim events are open to T20/F20 athletes with Intellectual Impairment at the Paralympic Games:

  • 400m  (Men/Women T20 Class)
  • 1500m (Men/Women T20 Class)
  • Long Jump (Men/Women F20 Class)
  • Shot Put (Men/Women F20 Class)

Eligibility Criteria: Paralympic meets are open to athletes with a physical impairment (Classes S1-S10), visual impairment (Classes S11-S13), or intellectual impairment (Class S14).

Class S14 Eligiblity Application: Paralympic Team Trials are intended for experienced athletes with full International Virtus II1 Eligibility (through Athletes Without Limits) and IPC Licensing & International Classification (through U.S. Paralympics).

Athletes with Intellectual Impairment (Autism, Down Syndrome & Intellectual Disability with IQ of 75 or lower) who are meeting Paralympic Trials time standards should have complete full Virtus II1 International level Eligiblity by completing the AWL-Virtus Eligibility Application. It can take from 4-12 weeks to complete International eligibility so new athletes should apply as early as possible. Evidence needed includes photoID, and IQ and Adaptive Behavior assessments from within the last 5 years. AWL will inform U.S. Paralympics of new athletes who have completed T20/F20 eligibility for Classification.

Class T20/F20 Criteria:   Athletes who meet the Virtus II1/Paralympic criteria below are eligible to compete in Paralympic-sanctioned meets:

  1. IQ Assessment showing IQ of 75 or lower,
  2. Adaptive Behavior Assessment showing significant limitation in at least one domain area, and
  3. Onset before age 22

Special note to athletes with Autism: Athletes with Autism must have an IQ of 75 or lower to be eligible for Paralympic T20 or F20 Classes in Track & Field.  (This is different from AWL trips to Virtus-sanctioned meets, which offer an additional competition group for those with Autism and an IQ of 76 or higher (called Virtus II3) – so we encourage you to apply for Virtus events!)

Special note to athletes with Down Syndrome: The Paralympic T20/F20 classes is only open to athletes who meet the Virtus II1 Criteria for Intellectual Disability, which is based on IQ and Adaptive Scores. This is different from AWL trips to Virtus-sanctioned meets which offer a separate competition group specifically for athletes with Down Syndrome (called Virtus II2). Therefore athletes with Down Syndrome should apply for dual eligibility in the Virtus II1 group (based on IQ and Adaptive Scores) in order to be classified for Paralympics Track & Field and the Virtus II2 group (based on Cytogenetic Report showing Down Syndrome) for Virtus events.