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2023 Virtus Para-Equestrian Video Competition (Round 2)

September 6, 2023 - October 31, 2023

About the Event

The 2023 Annual Virtus Para-Equestrian Video Competition for athletes with intellectual and developmental disabilities will have two entry windows: Round 1 closed March 27, 2023 and it has just been announce that Round 2 will be open for submission from September 6th –  October 31, 2023. Riders joining both competitions can vie for the overall champion.

To compete in the virtual event, athletes should be able to complete one or more of the accepted Para Dressage tests listed below at their home facility and have a parent/trainer/other record a video by following the guidelines provided.  (Videos of tests judged in another competition may not be entered.)

As the USA Member of Virtus, Athletes Without Limits manages the entry process for US riders. Multiple videos may be submitted for review by our Athletes Without Limits US National Equestrian Director to help determine the best entries to submit to Virtus. New riders will need to apply for Virtus International Eligibility and should Contact Us for more information about this and other Equestrian opportunities.


Competition will be held for all three Virtus eligibility groups below:
• II-1 Intellectual Disability (IQ 75 or lower) includes Autism with ID
• II-2 Intellectual Disability w/significant Additional Impairment (includes Tri21 Down Syndrome)
• II-3 ‘High Functioning’ Autism (IQ 76 or higher and/or does not meet II1 Criteria)

New US Athletes should complete Virtus International Eligibility Application.


Riders must be able to complete one or both of the FEI Dressage Tests in a 20x40m arena at their home facility. Within each level one or both tests can be submitted to be judged separately. There is no age limit.

Performance Level Tests:

Developmental Level Tests:
  1. FEI Grade 2 Para Novice (was Introductory A)
  2. FEI Grade 2 Para Intermediate A (was Novice A)
    Note: For all tests Halt in the first movement is skipped

Team Competition:
For inclusion in the Team competition, riders must provide videos of both tests in their level. Teams are made up of three riders. If a nation enters more than three riders, the scores of the best three riders count. The riders of the first three nations of the competition will get rosettes. Teams of 3 must have at least 2 riders in the classes II-1 and/or II-2.


  1. Step 1: Download Event PDF provided by Organizers (with notes for USA Athletes)
    Download Event PDF
  2. Step 2: Record your test(s) at your home facility following the competition rules below.
  3. Step 3: Complete AWL’s Online Entry Form
    The form includes a payment of $75 event entry fee.
    Note: Upon completion of the Entry form you’ll receive a Dropbox Link you can use to upload your videos.
    US Athlete Entry Form
  4. Step 4: Upload Videos to AWL by October 24th for ROUND 2 using the Dropbox link in your entry confirmation email. IMPORTANT: Please include the horses name and the FEI test performed in each video’s filename. Multiple videos can be submitted for review by our Athletes Without Limits USA Equestrian Director to help determine the best entries to submit. Athletes Without Limits will submit all US Entries to Virtus as the US Member.

RESULTS:  Virtus International will publish results.


As the US Member of Virtus  Athletes Without Limits organizes US Equestrian athletes interested in participating in Virtus International Dressage competitions for athletes with intellectual impairment. We encourage new athletes interested in competing who have proficiency in dressage OR an equestrian sport other than dressage to contact us to develop a plan for transitioning into Virtus dressage competition.


September 6, 2023
October 31, 2023
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Virtus: World Intellectual Impairment Sport (formerly Inas)