2024 Boston Marathon adds T20 Para Division for Athletes with Intellectual Impairment

On September 7, 2023 The Boston Athletic Association made a very important announcement: They’ve added a division for intellectual impairment starting with the 2024 Boston Marathon (April 15, 2024), which is open to Virtus II1/T20 runners with National or International classification.
There is prize money for the first three male and female finishers (up to $2500 +500 for a course record within the division).
Note that the entry deadline for the 2024 Boston Marathon is September 15, 2023 so this will mostly affect entries to the 2025 event.
Those interested who already have Virtus II1/T20 eligibility (view our US Track & FieldNational List) should reach out to Athletes Without Limits using our Contact Us form so we can help you navigate this new opportunity.
Read the full announcement on the Boston Marathon website:
Entry standards standards are posted on the event site:

To learn more or apply for Virtus II1 and T20 Paralympic eligibility visit our Eligibility page for US athlete with intellectual impairment.