We’re looking for exceptional athletes…

We’re looking for talented athletes with intellectual disability to represent the United States in open competition in the US and abroad.

As the US member of International Federation for Sport for Persons with Intellectual Disability (INAS), Athletes Without Limits offers opportunities for athletes to compete in Inas, Paralympic and other events in the United States and abroad.

We’re looking for athletes who are excel in their chosen sports (possibly in Special Olympics or on school or community teams), and who seek further opportunity to compete against the top athletes with intellectual disability in the world as well as in mainstream (non-disabled) sporting events.

For 2010 we are focusing our US recruiting efforts on cycling and the four sports in which athletes with intellectual disability may be included at the 2012 Paralympics: rowing, swimming, table tennis and track & field. However, opportunities also exist in other sports and we will organize trips and teams based on athlete interest.

Athletes must meet IQ and other eligibility requirements. If you know of athletes who may be interested, please contact us.