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Athletes with intellectual disability need your support to integrate and accelerate in mainstream sport. Use the link below to make an online donation.
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To make a donation by check download our donation form with mailing instructions, especially if you are making a donation greater than $1,000 so that all of your gift goes toward athlete programs not processing fees.

Cost of Creating A Champion

  • Travel & Hotels - 5,000
  • Camps & Clinics - 2,700
  • Coaching - 2,500
  • Equipment - 2,000
  • Eligibility & Other Testing - 1,200
  • Gym/Pool Membership - 1,000
  • Event Registration Fees - 900
  • Sports Licenses - 100

It costs over $15,000 per year to create one US athlete ready to compete for a World Championship title.

Why I Support Athletes Without Limits

Doug Baldridge

Doug Baldridge

Venable, LLC
"We got involved when my daughter volunteered with the program as a high schooler...we saw firsthand how it changed the lives of people with disabilities and changed her."
Esther Lofgren

Esther Lofgren

Olympic Gold Medalist & Volunteer Rowing Coach
Athletes Without Limits is a call to action for anyone who believes in the Olympic Dream…

Sgt. Rob Jones

Paralympic Medalist
Athletes Without Limits supported me and my partner when I began my Paralympic career. They’ve always supported vets and others with physical disabilities as part of their integrated rowing program.
Lauren Mazur

Lauren Mazur

Athlete Parent
Athletes Without Limits opened the door for US athletes and my son Richard got back in the pool. He's once again motivated, dedicated and happy — focused on making the Paralympic team...seeing him like this is what any parent wants.
Chuck Broadsky & Sean O'Rourke

Chuck Broadsky

Donor, Founder of The Nation's Triathlon
As a competitor and event promotor, I support Athletes Without Limits because I believe in its mission of integration and excellence.

Donation FAQ

  • Is my donation tax-deductible?

    Yes, Athletes Without Limits is a registered 501(c)3 charity so your donation is tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. If you donate online you will immediately receive your donation acknowledgement by email. For other donations our volunteer staff will send you a letter at the end of the tax year.

  • Can I send a donation by check?

    Sure, in fact, we can make the most of your check donation since we avoid paying for credit card processing fees. Just download our donation form, which includes mailing instructions. Be sure to include your email so we can send you a tax acknowledgement.

  • Can I donate to a specific athlete?

    Athletes Without Limits is a public charity so by law cannot provide tax-deductions for donations intended for a single individual. If you'd still like to sponsor out-of-pocket costs for a specific athlete, you may do so by providing the athlete's family with the funds directly — again this is considered a gift to an individual and is not tax-deductible.

  • Can I donate to a specific sport program?

    Those wishing to restrict a donation for a specific sport may do so but we hope you'll consider how much more impact your general contribution can have on the sustainability of Athletes Without Limits. We are 90% volunteer run with a virtual office and low overhead, but because we work with stand-out athletes across the US and across nine sports, it is difficult to realize economies of scale working within a single sport. Also consider that some of our athletes compete in more than one sport or may be training for opportunities in new Para-sports as they become available.