2027 Virtus Global Games Heads to Cairo, Egypt

As the USA Member of Virtus, Athletes Without Limits will post 2027 US National Team Global Games Trip updates as we get closer to the event on our AWL Calendar. 

The announcement below was posted on the Virtus Website on February 28, 2024:

Virtus is delighted to announce that the prestigious seventh edition of the Global Games, scheduled for 2027, will be hosted in Cairo, Egypt. This marks a significant milestone as we prepare to welcome thousands of athletes from around the world to this international multi-sport event.

Congratulations to the Egyptian Sports Federation for Intellectual Disabilities (ESFID), Virtus Egypt Member, for their successful bid to host the quadrennial Games. Virtus President, Marc Truffaut, expressed excitement about the journey ahead, highlighting the upcoming World Championships in 2024 and 2025, Regional Games in 2026, and the pinnacle event, the Virtus Global Games 2027 (GG2027).

“The GG2027 presents an exciting opportunity to showcase new and emerging talent. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Ms. Amal Mobadda, President of Virtus Egypt, and her team for securing the bid, and we wish them the best of luck in the planning process,” said Mr. Truffaut.

The Virtus Global Games, held every four years, serves as a pathway to qualification for the Paralympic Games. Looking ahead to LA2028 and beyond, Virtus is committed to expanding the inclusion of events for athletes with intellectual impairments.

ESFID, as part of the Egyptian Paralympic Committee, showcased world-class sporting venues, the rich cultural heritage of Cairo, and the unwavering support of government and sporting organizations, ensuring that GG2027 will be an exceptional event.

Ms. Amal Mobadda, President of Virtus Egypt and Virtus Africas Region, emphasized Egypt’s commitment to promoting inclusion and celebrating athletic excellence.

“It is an honour to host this world-class event in Cairo, where culture and elite sports will converge. We are ready to welcome the best international athletes and provide them with a truly memorable experience in November 2027,” said Ms. Mobadda.

The Virtus Global Games aims to challenge perceptions and promote a more inclusive world, spotlighting the athleticism, resilience, and strength of athletes with intellectual impairments on a global stage.

Stay tuned for more information about the sports events, eligibility criteria, and competition period in November 2027.