Results from the 2016 Inas World Tennis Championships

2016 Inas World TennisAthletes Without Limits congratulates all the players who recently competed in the 2016 Inas World Championships for high-performance players with intellectual impairment.

Top athletes from Australia, Belguim, Czech Republic, Italy and the United States came to Sea Colony Tennis Resort in Bethany Beach, Delaware for the 5-day tournament, which took place June 10-19th.  A special thank you to the coaches, USTA officials, volunteers, parents, our hosts at Sea Colony Tennis Center and event sponsors who helped make the first US hosted Inas event such a success.

Inas International Tennis Sport Director Lesley Whitehead described Sea Colony’s Tennis Center and accommodation as among the best she’s ever seen as a player, coach, or director participating throughout the world.



Special thanks to our event sponsors including host organization Athletes Without Limits, The Fried Family, Champion System Clothing, PTR Foundation, Kim & Don Richards Family Foundation, USPTA Foundation, Skratch Labs and to critical local supporters including Sea Colony Tennis Center, ResortQuest, G&E Hockers Markets, Candy Kitchen, Armand’s Pizzaria and The Pig+Fish Restaurant.


Full tournament information can be found on the USTA website and Inas Results PDF.

Women’s Singles

  1. Gold Hanne Lavreysen (BEL)
  2. Silver Kelly Wren (AUS)
  3. Bronze Brittany Tagliareni (USA)

Men’s Singles

  1. Gold Archie Graham (AUS)
  2. Silver Ondrej Sedlisky (CZE)
  3. Bronze Mitchell James (AUS)

Women’s Doubles

  1. Gold Gielis/Lavreysen (BEL)
  2. Silver Lenarduzzi/Wren (AUS)
  3. Bronze Richards/Tagliareni (USA)

Men’s Doubles

  1. Gold Graham/Phillips (AUS)
  2. Silver Holloway/James (AUS)
  3. Bronze Jerhot/Sedlisky (CZE)

Mixed Doubles

  1. Gold Phillips/Wren (AUS)
  2. Silver Fens/Lavreysen (BEL)
  3. Bronze Graham/Lenarduzzi (AUS)

Men’s Team

  1. Gold Australia A (Graham/Phillips)
  2. Silver Czech Republic A (Sedlisky/Hus)
  3. Bronze Australia B (James/Holloway)

Women’s Team

  1. Gold Belgium (Lavreysen/Gielis)
  2. Silver Australia (Wren/Lenarduzzi)
  3. Bronze USA (Tagliareni/Diachenko)

Overall Medal Count by Country

  1. Australia 11
  2. Belgium 4
  3. Czech Republic 3 & USA 3

We look forward to taking our growing US team to the 2017 Inas Tennis World Championships, which will take place April 9-15, 2017 at Bolton Arena in the United Kingdom.