Vote on re-inclusion into Paralympics passes

Athletes Without Limits is excited to support US athletes who set their sites on competing in Paralympic competition

On November 21 a majority of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) membership decided in favor of the re-inclusion of athletes with an intellectual disability in competitions, including the Paralympics. This important decision restores the Olympic dream to these athletes for the first time since the Sydney 2000 Games. Read the full IPC press release.

Four sports likely to include classification for athletes with intellectual disability at 2012 Games. At this time it is likely that the following four sports will have eligibility processes in place in time to reinclude athletes with intellectual disability in time for the London 2012 Paralympic Games. This will be confirmed by Autumn 2010 (early 2011 for Athletics). In addition, there may be opportunities for athletes to participate in world championship IPC events starting in 2010. These will be posted in our events category.

  1. Swimming (IPC)
  2. Athletics (Track & Field) (IPC)
  3. Rowing (FISA)
  4. Table Tennis (ITTF)

First steps for interested US athletes is to work with Athletes Without Limits to complete the INAS-FID eligibility application. According to the IPC, the first step athletes should take toward Paralympic classification is to register with their Inas member organization (in the US this is Athletes Without Limits) by completing the Inas Eligibility application. Following a successful INAS-FID eligibility check, athletes will then need to work within the National (eg. US Rowing)  and International Federations (eg. FISA)  in their sport to enter into competitions (eg. Rowing World Championships), where they may have to participate in sport-specific on-site testing prior to events to confirm eligibility findings. This testing is still under development and may differ for each sport. In addition, inconsistencies between on-site testing and observation during competition may allow for protest submission in accordance with sport classification rules.  As information becomes available, it will be outlined in a Classification Handbook for each sport.

Note: The Paralympic class for athletes with intellectual disability in Swimming is called “S14.” In Track & Field it is called “T20” or “F20” and in Rowing it is called “ID.”

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