Home State: New York
Sports: Downhill & Nordic Skiing
Coach: Mary Bozzone

How did you get started in your sport?
I went skiing on a family vacation.  I skied with the Disabled Sports Program (now the Adaptive Sports Foundation) at Windham mountain.

Tell us about your past athletic and other major accomplishments?
Patrick plays ball with St. Camillus Special Olympics (basketball and baseball)  Patrick is one on the top athletes in NYS Special Olympics and has won many metals with them.  He also rides his bike daily.

What places have you traveled to for competition?
West Mountain (Glens Falls NY), Bristol Mountain (Canandaigua NY) and
Swain Mountain (Swain NY)

Describe your current training regimen?
I train every Sat. and Sun. during the winter at Windham Mountain.  The team does racing drills, gates, and basic ski skill to improvement my racing

What is your favorite part of training?
I like working on my racing and ski skills with my team mates.  I like working in small groups.

What do you find hardest about training?
Learning the basic drills and skills such as rolling my ankles.

What are your 2012 goals and future athletic aspirations?
I want to be a better skier and be able to compete in higher level races and compete in national and international competitions.

Who are your favorite athletes for inspiration?
Eli Manning because he is on my favorite team (2012 Super Bowl winners)
and my team mate Staci Mannella, is in working to be in the 2014 Paralympics in Sochi, Russia.

What is your favorite sports movie?
Rudy and Blindside.

What is your favorite pre-race meal or ritual?
Cheerios with milk and OJ

Do you have a lucky number?

What are the names of teams you have been on?
Rockaway Little League, St. Camillus Special Olympics and the Adaptive Sports Foundation Race Team.

Who are all the coaches you’d like to credit for making you the athlete you are today?
Coach Mary Bozzone, Tommy Ryan, Jamie Rich, Charles (Mitch) Mitchell, Kim Seevers and Pam Greene.

What is your current occupation?
I am a stock boy in a supermarket.

What does being a skiier mean to you?
I love to ski with my friends and family.  I love skiing with the Adaptive Sports Foundation (ASF) Race Team — like the team comradery and being competitive amongst my friends and other racers.