President’s Fitness Challenge

President's Challenge ProgramJoin the Athletes Without Limits Fitness Team!

We invite our athletes, families, friends, volunteers and colleagues to have fun and stay active while showing your support by participating in the President’s Fitness Challenge as a member of the Athletes Without Limits Fitness Team. Earn stars or points by doing a wide range of activities including running, canoeing, swimming, yoga, and more.

Our goals:

  • Have all our high-performance athletes with intellectual disability reach the Platinum points level.
  • Be the most fit and healthy group of athletes and supporters in America.
  • Encourage side-by-side participation in physical activity regardless of ability or disability.

Note: If you are new to physical activity, remember safety is paramount — you should always consult a physician and/or trained fitness instructor before you get started with any new fitness program.

Steps to Join:

1) Create an account on the website by clicking on the red Create an Individual Account link. (We recommend opening this link in a separate browser window so you can keep these instructions open.)

2) After you set up your account, you’ll be asked to Choose a Challenge. You can pick any challenge you’d like and can also change this as you go along. You don’t need to start a group as we’ve already done that for you!

3) You will next be taken to your Activity Tracking Page, where you can click Join a Group. Enter group #101566 or search by name “Athletes Without Limits” then scroll down and click Join this Group.

4) Use the Activity Tracker to begin logging in your daily activities and start earning stars or points! 

5) Consider creating a your own First Giving Fundraising Page — ask family and friends to support your fitness goals and our mission by making a donation to Athletes Without Limits.