Athlete Eligibility Application

As the US member of INAS, the International Federation for Para-athletes with Intellectual Disability, Athletes Without Limits manages the eligibility/classification process for US athletes with intellectual disability competing in the following sports: INAS/Paralympic Sports:Athletics, Swimming & Table Tennis INAS Only Sports: Basketball, Cricket, Cycling, Judo, Rowing, Skiing (Nordic & Alpine), Soccer/Futsol & Tennis

In order to compete in events organized by INAS or Paralympics athletes must complete an eligibility application to provide proof of intellectual disability based on three main criteria established by INAS and the International Paralympic Committee:

Eligibility Criteria for INAS/IPC Sport

1) IQ of 75 or below
2) Significant limitations in Adaptive Behavior
3) Onset before age 18

Step 1: Discuss Goals with Athletes Without Limits Staff

Contact us at 202-544-0510 or to discuss the athlete’s eligibility likelihood, current skill level, training program and athletic goals so we can determine next steps and appropriate opportunities.

Step 2: Complete Athlete Eligibility Application

If you have talked with our staff and are ready to apply for eligibility, you can download the INAS Athlete Application using the button/link below.

Download the International/Full Eligibility Application ($50 Fee)

Registered athletes applying for a second sport should use the Additional Sport Application (No fee)

Pay Full Application Fee Online or by Check

Athletes applying for eligibility can pay the $50 application fee online using the button below in lieu of having to mail a check. If you are mailing a check make payable to “Athletes Without Limits” and mail to PO Box 40901 Washington DC 20016.

Enter Athletes Name:

Step 3: Athletes Requiring Medication

Athletes who require a medication found on the current Prohibited Drug List will need to apply for permission to compete while taking the medication called a Therapeutic Drug Use Exemption or (TUE). We will use the medications listed in the athlete’s eligibility application to determine if the athlete will need to apply for a TUE. Learn more about the anti-doping policy on our Drug Testing & Medication page.

Step 4: Sports-Specific Licenses & Classification

Once athletes have completed the eligibility paperwork with Athletes Without Limits/INAS there may be additional Sport-Specific licensing and classification requirements that involve testing and observation while at events. This will vary by sport and is managed separately by the IPC and the international/national governing body for each sport. Athletes Without Limits will help athletes better understand and complete this process on a case-by-case basis. For general information about Sport Classification visit the INAS resources page.