Cycling Opportunities

Athletes Without Limits is looking for talented cyclists with intellectual disability to represent the US at upcoming national and international cycling events.

As the US member of Inas, Athletes Without Limits offers opportunities for US cyclists to compete at the highest levels in their sport. International competitions are already being organized by Inas and are run according to UCI rules and distances including stage racing and time-trails on the road. Just like in Olympic competition, there are no separate categories by ability level—the top three competitors win Gold, Silver and Bronze in each event. Overall winners will be based on finishes of each event. Inas offers world championship level cycling events and stage races for cyclists with intellectual disability.

INAS competitors are an elite group of athletes from around the world making great achievements in cycling and other sports, and we are proud that US cyclist Syd Lea is among them and became the first US World Champion at the 2011 Inas Global Games Italy. But Syd needs teammates in order to be as competitive as possible and in order for the US to participate in team time trial events so we are recruiting talented cyclists with intellectual disability to join our US Cycling Team.

Qualified athletes may be able to travel to national and international competitions with the US delegation. Athletes must meet the INAS eligibility requirements to be considered. Please review eligibility guidelines and contact us if you know of any athletes who may be interested in competing in or aspiring to compete in national and international competition.

National: Cycling Opportunities in the US

Those new to road cycling may want to try a Special Olympics cycling event. Athletes are also encouraged look for a local club or team to train with and when ready join USA Cycling to compete in mainstream cycling events. Newly registered athletes begin as Category 5 (beginner) racers and can move up to higher categories through race results.

Athletes Without Limits Cyclists

Syd Lea

Charles "Syd" Lea

Cycling, Equestrian, Rowing, Inas International Eligibility
Sara Slawta

Sara Slawta

Cycling, Swimming